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Ikenobo's Artistic History


45th Headmaster Sen'ei Ikenobo

With 500 years of history, Ikenobo has influenced many different styles of floral art. Ikenobo's history is mixed with traditions and innovation, both of which work together to constantly inspire a new development in the generations to come. People love flowers, and we have learned from our ancestors that flowers are not only beautiful, but that they can also reflect both inner feelings and the passage of time. When we understand the silent words and actions of the flowers and leaves, we will try to use a form to express our impression. We are drawn to the flowers and foliage in nature and want to reconfigure them in a new environment and give them a new sense of beauty. We are not simply reproducing the plants in their original state in nature, but instead using flowers, branches, and leaves to create new forms, specifically to show the impression the flowers and leaves have given us. Flowers and leaves reflect the harmony of natural forces, such as the cold winter wind bending the branches. Ikenobo is the most beautiful budding flower, beacause it symbolizes life and energy in the past, present, and future. The spirit of Ikenobo is not only in Japan, but it is practiced worldwide. We sincerely hope that the beauty of flowers and the love for all nature, including mankind, can spread throughout the world.

- 45th Headmaster Sen'ei Ikenobo




















Making Friends Through Flowers


The Ikenobo San Gabriel Valley California Chapter was formed by Professor Tina Yang, after many years of hard work and dedication. She began teaching Ikenobo Ikebana flower arrangement classes, which was greatly appreciated by her many students. Due to her great guidance, her students became more involved, and the group finally became a chapter on September 5, 2010. Because of her desire to promote the awareness of Ikenobo, she continued to introduce Ikenobo to people with different backgrounds through her love of flower arrangement. Her fondness of Ikebana, an aspect of ancient Japanese culture, will be carried on with the establishment of the Ikenobo San Gabriel Valley California Chapter.


- Ikenobo San Gabriel Valley California Chapter President Tina Fu-Ting Yang